Harare, Zimbabwe (City Tour & History)

Harare, Zimbabwe (City Tour & History)

A tour and history of Harare, Zimbabwe where you can also get ideas of the best things to do
or things to see when traveling here. Mostly focusing on the downtown center and old
town district of the city.

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  1. Merry. Christmas ..I am Robert muga we cousin from the States…I look White..I am one third Black

  2. you are the real deal thank you for showing us what the news papers tv media broadcast the bad images of 2 decades ago bad light and video quality it s not a jungle at all

  3. This is the most modern city in Zimbabwe, there has been little maintenance and no improvements in decades. But it does look clean and safe

  4. Thank you for the video it’s seems to be a beautiful place greetings from algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿

  5. So sad. Salisbury was such a beautiful city. Now it’s a filthy, crumbling shithole. The infratsructure (especially the roads, buildings and public places) is poorly mantained and there is a sad sense of past glory about it. A damned shame that these people are too ignorant to keep their country in order. And 3:01 No, not because of a water shortage. It’s because they are too useless to maintain infrastructure. Bloody pathetic.

  6. I went back to Harare 2018 after 23 yrs and it was very sad to the decay of a once beautiful city .

  7. You don’t pronounce the "a" in Salisbury as an "a". You pronounce it as an "o", as in "Solsbury".

  8. I’m SAcan🇿🇦 I don’t like Zimbabwe or Zimbabweans. But I must admit that their capital isn’t as ugly or underdeveloped as I thought it would be. Hopefully more of them can go back home and contribute to their nice city.

  9. wow didn’t know Harare was named after a Shona village. Great research and information x

  10. That’s a very beautiful and clean city, despite what the media projects it.
    I’m from india and I’m very impressed.
    Wishing for the better future of the country

  11. Was so happy to see you touring harare city I was born in..I am currently living in Canada and its been long since I went back home.

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