Green and amber travel lists could be scrapped next month

Tory MPs and the travel industry have criticised the system’s increasing complexity with “watch” list categories for countries at risk of moving up a tier and “amber plus” which briefly required travellers to France to quarantine on return to the UK irrespective of their vaccination status.

A simplification to create a leaner high-risk and low-risk classification for countries would bring the UK more in line with other countries – and focus travel on the vaccination status of the holidaymaker.

“It’s about whether you are vaccinated or not, rather than the country you are travelling to,” said a source briefed on the proposal.

“What it means is that green and amber disappear and only vaccination status will count for where you travel. For a vaccinated person, just as now all countries apart from red are ‘green’.

“For an unvaccinated person, it means that your travel to a green country might be slightly more difficult. There’s a potential psychological boost in that a lot of people think travel to amber is risky whereas if it disappeared, people may be more willing to travel to X, Y or Z.

“It could also incentivise people to get vaccinated. There’s been a slowdown in the rate of vaccination, particularly among younger people and that’s a way to encourage take-up.”

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