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God blessed Zim abundantly this year: First Lady

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Tendai Rupapa-Senior Reporter

CHURCHES yesterday came together to pray for the nation in the wake of a surge in ritual killings, drug abuse, loose morals, road traffic accidents and Covid-19 among other issues affecting the country.

It was noted during the prayer session organised by the Zimbabwe Network Group that youths were being ruined by drugs, hence the call for God’s intervention.

The theme of yesterday’s event was “God who gave plentiful rain, preserved life amidst Covid-19 will protect Zimbabweans from drug abuse, road accidents, loose morals, stop ritual killings and secure our children from all evils.”

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, who was the guest speaker, said God had relentlessly released his blessings upon Zimbabwe after citizens approached his throne of grace pleading for enough rainfall and preservation of life against the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.

Yesterday was not the first time for her to be involved in prayer as she has previously organised prayers for the nation and between January 21 and 23 this year she invited all Zimbabwean women to join her in a three-day prayer and fasting programme.

Christians display prayer points during National day of praise and worship in Harare yesterday.

Addressing the interdenominational gathering, the mother of the nation said God never let the nation down, but gave it more than enough rain as confirmed by the meteorological experts.

“You will also remember that most dams spilled for the first time in many years, a feat synonymous with abundant rainfall. We were able to plant and harvest and because of the rains, many households have been sustained in terms of nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen help me in thanking God for his everlasting love and grace which he continuously showers on this nation,” she said.

Covid-19-related challenges, the First Lady said, neither swayed nor moved Zimbabwe from its steadfast faith in God.

“When the pandemic intensified, the church moved a gear up in prayer against the virus to which everyone is here to confirm that the effects of Covid-19 were put under lock by our good and faithful heavenly father who then led our Government to act accordingly.

“The above developments give us enough reasons to gather here to praise and thank the lord who feeds us as a nation and preserves our lives as a people,” she said.

The First Lady said when she invited all Zimbabwean women to join her in a three-day prayer and fasting programme in January, she was delighted and encouraged by the response she got from churches around the country and beyond.

“Your positive response confirmed that Zimbabweans do trust and love their God and can pray for anything in the hope of receiving it by faith. The birth of my relationship with churches on 22 September 2019 which saw the establishment of our national coordination committee under the banner of prayer for Zimbabwe network, no one even thought prayer would become central in our way of dealing with our challenges and problems,” she said.

The First Lady said churches had proven that their relationship was complementary as they in turn invited her to their programme.

“Meanwhile, it remains apparent that our problems as humanity never end as long as we are on this earth. That is why we keep asking and pleading with God to address our issues one after the other. This time around I appeal to you and all who are following these proceedings to join us in prayer against other problems affecting our people.”

The Mother of the nation urged communities to plead with God to protect and save society against a myriad of ills that seem determined to wipe away people like drug abuse, loose morals and ritual killings, among others.

Christians follow proceedings during National day of praise and worship in Harare yesterday.

“As parents, we know the children we want. Those who respect their elders, value their bodies and practise chastity. All this can be achieved by praying for our nation for them to go back to the foundations of good behaviour. We must also pray against road traffic accidents. Our roads which are supposed to be linking us have turned into death traps, people of all ages have perished on the roads. It is important for us to pray for our saviour to intervene on road accidents and ritual killings so that they become more cautious of the sanctity of life before killing and abide by the rules and regulations of our country Zimbabwe. Kuna Mwari hakuna zvinogozha. Mwari varambe vachitisimbisa uye shoko ravo rigare matiri senyika,” she said.

The First Lady’s voice came as religious leaders also voiced concern about the surge in ritual killings and accidents.

Daughters of Virtue leader Prophetess Memory Matimbire made declarations against ritual killings and accidents.

“Jesus is the cornerstone of success you do not need human blood to have money, you do not need the blood of infants to make money. The blood of Jesus is enough to make the nation rich we declare no more ritual killings in our nation, no more blood shedding in our nation, no more accidents in our nation we declare power of the blood of our lord Jesus in Zimbabwe. Every spirit that sucks blood we declare be destroyed in Jesus mighty name,” she said.

Reverend Sabina Chikeya from United Methodist Church spoke candidly against drug abuse by youths. 

She read from 1 Kings 3:20-21 and implored parents to pray for their children.

“Let’s pray for our children who are being ruined by drugs. Let us not give these intoxicants time to harm our children. They are making our children “zombies” while others are dying and we want our children kept in faith and spirit through prayer. Do not go to sleep as a mother, father, nation, wake up and let’s pray for our children. If we call God we know these challenges will disappear. Jesus will hear our cries wherever he is,” she preached.

Bishop Regina Katsande, the president of Christian Marching Church, said she was happy with yesterday’s programme which she said brought about unity in the country.

“We are so happy that Amai has once again brought us together as churches. There is no church which does not worship God, every church has a purpose and today we had the same purpose of praying for our nation. This will help restore our morals. Let us fear God because if we do so, all things will be fine. We will no longer kill one another. What is critical is for people to feel Godliness inside them. People are killing one another, people are stealing and this shows lack of respect for God. People are doing all sorts of bad things. We must love one another. Let us teach our children values and morals. How do we teach them? We gather them like this. Young women are failing to keep their marriages. At their homes their parents would have tried to teach them something but they would have met other influences. Therefore, we call upon the Lord. Diseases will also decrease if we pray to God. If we keep praying, we bring peace in Zimbabwe, in our homes, workplaces and everywhere we go,” she said.

Madzimai Veronica Kwati from Johane Masowe weChishanu echoed similar sentiments and praised the First Lay for uniting all churches.

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa dances to Amai Olivia Charamba’s ‘Africa Restore Identity’ song during National day of praise and worship in Harare yesterday. — Pictures: John Manzongo.

“By uniting churches, she ensured the word and her mission reaches the people. She has shown us what to do from socialisation to values and morality. We may be worshippers but there are some deeper things we cannot do. The First Lady has shown us the greatness of God by going about helping people. Wherever she goes she preaches about unity and love.

“The First Lady is not selective. Even when she meets children she carries them despite how dirty the children will be. You will be wishing that she carries smart children but she says a child is a child that is why Jesus said let the children come to me. She is a mother and in her travels she is moulding us to appreciate what it is that used to be done to raise morally upright children.

“As a nation we have always been praying to God led by our mother the First Lady and many challenges which were affecting us declined as God showed his power. On covid-19, she asked for people to fast for our country so that deaths and infections decline. Some people died, but some were saved.During the praise and worship, we also looked at the current challenges of drug and alcohol abuse and that children are walking nude. Children are now disrespectful but we are saying as a nation let us put our heads together and unite to teach our families and telling them how wonderful God is,” she said.

The event was marked by songs of praise and adoration led by Amai Olivia Charamba, Dorcas Moyo and Police band.

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