Geography Now! SOUTH AFRICA

Geography Now! SOUTH AFRICA

Just like the Fynbos, there is literally no place on earth like South Africa.
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  1. Prikadelle sounds similar to Perkedel, an Indonesian food but the difference is the main ingredient is not meat, but mashed potato

  2. Mexico is shocked that the 2010 World Cup inauguration match wasn’t mentioned. South Africa is the first World Cup host nation to not make it pass the group stage.

  3. This episode was really "lekker" (the only Afrikaans word I know… And Kieth forgot about the girl band Clout who sung Substitute… Have a lekker braai,,,

  4. I can’t believe you mentioned korfball, when I tell other South Africans I played korfball they usually have no idea what I’m talking about. The effort and detail in this episode is remarkable.

  5. This episode will make you feel "Jol-"-ly and "Braai-ght." We had a LOT of you guys the South African Geograpeeps involved in this episode, I’m so glad you gave your input. South African Katharine just so happened to be in town while we were filming and volunteered to co-host with me! She loves her country and loves talking about it. That’s all I ask for in a guest-host. Hope you enjoy this episode. It is officially the longest one (for now as of March 2021) just beating Russia by 13 seconds. #SouthAfrica

  6. Hoe zijn ze bij bloemfontein gekomen?
    Ik vind namen als Nieuw-Amsterdam en Nederlands-Indië saai, maar ik snap hoe ze die namen hebben verzonnen. Heeft iemand bloemen in/rond een fontein geplant?

  7. when you advertise Ponte tower as a attraction, it shows you have never been inside it or lived there

  8. So you made a mistake in saying the ancient hunter-gatherers descendants are only a handful. *This is inaccurate!*

    *They are in the tens of millions.*

    Most black South Africans look distinct from their Northern continental neighbours precisely because SA Nguni ("cultural Bantu") are genetically in large part the descendants of the ancient hunter-gatherers *blended* with ancient proto-Bantu !!!

    This is seen not only in the clicks in the languages and words that are distinct from the Bantu word base, but also in the genetic feature phenotype: epicanthal eyelids, high cheekbones, often dark brown-yellow skin. (non-equatorial look)

    Modern Xhosa for example is an umbrella culture that includes large numbers of old Khoi clans. *It’s the second largest group in the country.*

    A good academic resource for this is "The House of Phalo: A history of the Xhosa people in the days of their independence" (1982).

  9. I absolutely loved this. I’ve been waiting for you guys to do South Africa. You guys did a great job.

  10. Rooibos FTW!
    I think y’all forgot to mention issues like load shedding (rolling blackouts) & state corruption.

  11. Kinda disappointed you didn’t mention AB de Villiers as one of South Africa’s most notable personalities. He’s arguably the most beloved, respected and feared cricketer on the planet!

  12. Awesome video! Living in New Zealand, I have a lot of SA friends here and it was great to see such a great summary of this complex country.

  13. I would like to mention South African cricket skipper Hansie Cronje who was a great cricketer. But he was caught in a match fixing scandal and later died in a plane crash shortly after he was banned for life from playing cricket. Absolutely love this south africa episode. Beautiful country with beautiful people.

  14. Fun Fact: The Portuguese were the European to land in South Africa, the Bantu people were living among the Khoisan people and using the bartering system. Batswana when certain kings and chiefs separated then the Basotho and Bapedi were established. You guys forgot to mention the Bapedi people mxm

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