Gas Monkey Garage Chevrolet sells for over £31,000

Gas Monkey El Camino

A retro Chevrolet El Camino, featured on the TV show Fast N’ Loud, has sold for £31,500 in the UK. 

Built in the twelfth season of the Discovery Channel programme, the Chevy pickup was extensively modified by Aaron Kaufman. 

It made for a rare opportunity to buy an El Camino on this side of the Atlantic, and one with a genuine claim to fame.

No monkeying around

Gas Monkey El Camino

For the uninitiated, Fast N’ Loud focussed on the Texas-based Gas Monkey Garage. Led by the larger-than-life Richard Rawlings, the programme became known for building crazy cars over short timescales. 

Building a modified Chevrolet El Camino, ahead of schedule, was the challenge laid down for the Gas Monkey Garage crew. 

Closer in concept to ‘utes’ favoured in Australia, the El Camino was a light duty pickup based upon the Chevrolet Malibu car. 

An acquired taste, even for Chevrolet fans, the El Camino used as a base on Fast N’ Loud was a low-mileage, one-owner, example.

Faster and louder

Gas Monkey El Camino

The original engine was ditched, and replaced with a 416-cubic inch (6.8-litre) modified Chevy V8 engine. Producing more than 600 hp, and with a six-speed manual gearbox, this is a serious performance machine. 

Ridetech suspension and Wilwood brakes were installed to keep everything under control. The Toyo Proxes tyres are even noted as still having plenty of tread left. 

On the outside, sinister black paintwork is the main change, although the custom-made alloy wheels are a neat touch. A combination of suede and leather can be found inside the cabin, with Vintage Air cooling also added.

“Get you some of that!”

Gas Monkey El Camino

Despite the effort that went into transforming the El Camino, a total of just 980 miles have been recorded on the odometer since. 

Fully registered in the UK after being imported, the Chevy has an MOT that lasts until June 2021. 

Finding a Chevrolet El Camino this side of the Atlantic is a rarity. Finding one that appeared on a hit TV programme was arguably a unique opportunity.

Such special enthusiast appeal resulted in an intense bidding war, pushing the final selling price to £31,500.


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