Gamechanging: Introducing Peacock Suites – The Future Of Premium Travel?

While major airlines love to show off their ultra-premium products, without a booking, that’s a lot of wasted space in the cabin. Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design came up with a solution for that – a modular, flexible space that can be all things to all people. Let’s take a look at the Peacock Suites.

Peacock Suite
Could modular, flexible premium products be the way forward? Photo: Butterfly Seating

A transformational premium product

Hong Kong-based Paperclip Design won a Crystal Cabin Award in 2019 for a rather innovative seating concept. The name of this concept was the ‘Peacock Suites’ and is a stunning first class cabin product for widebody aircraft.

We say it’s a first class product, but essentially, it’s not just that. It can be business class, family seating, an apartment for two, or a VIP suite. The company describes the Peacock as,

“…a fluid and space-efficient layout that allows instant transformation among a variety of configurations to create unique products that suit a wide spectrum of markets.”

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Peacock Suite
Each aircraft would have two Peacock Suites, which can each be divided into two separate cabins, or one large one on each side. Photo: Butterfly Seating

While we agree the product is highly customizable, it’s without a doubt aimed at the premium end of the airplane. In terms of what it does, the interesting and innovative layout allows it to be converted between a standard first class suite, a honeymoon suite for two, a family space for two adults and two kids, or even a private apartment with up to three rooms.

Photo: Butterfly Seating

The beauty of the design is in its semi-circular formation, like the tail of a peacock. This allows the space to be transformed using partitions from a typical premium product right up to something to rival Etihad’s ‘The Residence.’ Let’s take a look inside.

Inside the Peacock Suite

The layout for the Peacock is designed for the larger widebody aircraft, such as the Boeing 777 or Airbus A350. Airlines would be given the choice of how to configure the pointy end of the plane, allowing for quick changes depending on the demand of the route.

In its most dense formation, Peacock would offer up to four business class seats in a 2-2 arrangement per semi-circle, converting into a bed for a couple. Each half of the semi-circle can then be converted into a first class suite with around 35 square feet of floor space for a single person to enjoy a private space.

Peacock Suite
Each half can be arranged into a first class suite for one or two people. Photo: Butterfly Seating

This same floor space can be configured to seat up to four, with the ottoman suitable for children to sit on. This creates a nice ‘family room’ for up to two adults and two kids. An alternative would be to exchange the overhead luggage locker for a bunk bed for one child, with the parents retaining a double bed below.

Peacock Suite
A bunk bed can be added overhead. Photo: Butterfly Seating

For more space, the entire semi-circle can be opened up into a two-room apartment, with an area for sitting and a separate one for sleeping.

Peacock Suite
Photo: Butterfly Seating

For the most luxurious layout, the nearby lavatories can be given private access from the semi-circular two-bedroom apartment, making the entire space self-contained and incredibly exclusive. The company suggests this could be suited to A-listers and heads of state.

Peacock Suite
Direct access to the lavatory would make the suite entirely self-contained. Photo: Butterfly Seating

Peacock won the award for ‘Visionary Concept’ in the 2019 Crystal Cabin Awards. It has been open for licensing to operators since, but as yet, it is just a concept. Would you pick an airline if it offered the Peacock?

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