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From today, refusing a vaccine will be treated similar to smoking, says Discovery Life



  • From 29 July, Discovery Life is treating refusal to be vaccinated similarly to smoking: as an extra risk factor for early death.
  • New customers who have been vaccinated will receive extra payback benefits for a year.
  • People who want life insurance but refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine will be charged more.
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Effective immediately as of 29 July, it is now treating refusal to receive a Covid-19 vaccine similar to other health risk factors such as smoking, Discovery Life announced on Thursday.

Those who have received a vaccine for the coronavirus, on the other hand, will be getting extra benefits.

“Covid-19 adds significant risk to the health of life insurance clients across all age groups,” said the company in a statement.

“Mortality rates also rise far above the average population mortality rates once a client has tested positive for Covid-19.”

Those who take out life insurance and “who indicate that they are unwilling to be vaccinated may, unfortunately, be subject to higher premiums due to the increased risk. Refusal to be vaccinated is treated similarly to smoking or lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, which receive a higher premium”.

The premium may be adjusted again later if the insured person gets a vaccine after all.

For those who do get the inoculation, Discovery Life has a “Vaccination Max PayBack Offer” for new customers, which automatically kicks them into the highest tier of rewards the company offers for the first year. 

Depending on their policy option, that could mean “PayBacks” of up to 100% on their premiums, says Discovery Life.

“This decision comes on the back of clear evidence on the efficacy of vaccinations and South Africa’s acceleration of its vaccination campaign during the remainder of 2021.”

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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