Flight Centre pins its recovery hopes on the Brisbane-Melbourne-Sydney “golden triangle”

Aside from tourism, the biggest losers by industry over the past couple of months have been technology, financial and professional services, and the education sector. “They can’t do live deals nor compete in market, and Zoom fatigue is very real now,” Mr Kavanagh said.

Sydney’s ongoing lockdown has forced production of a Chris Hemsworth movie to move to Europe. Kate Geraghty

With so much of Australia in lockdown or movement-constrained, it’s been government services and mining keeping the small amount of travel going.

However, Mr Kavanagh reiterated that each lockdown “only deepens the crisis,” pointing to how ongoing disruption and uncertainty over the nation’s COVID strategy has also adversely affected the film industry.

Between Australia’s border issues and hotel quarantine requirements, filming of Netflix’s Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth was recently relocated from Sydney to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

In other longer-term trends thrown up by the crisis, Flight Centre says its business travel customers now book their trips just under eight days prior to travel, compared with 16.7 days pre-pandemic.

The average business trip has reduced by 1.5 days from 5.8 days to 4.4 days.

“Our customers have also relied more on booking with a person (in addition to our online services) for peace of mind, the latest information and expertise,” Mr Kavanagh said.

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