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Finance Minister hails heroes, ZDF

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Zimbabweans should build on economic gains achieved to date and ensure a better Zimbabwe as envisaged by national heroes who sacrificed for the liberation of the country, Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube has said.

He also commended the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) for ensuring peace, which he said was a cornerstone for economic recovery.

Prof Ncube said this in a commemoration message ahead of the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day set for Monday and Tuesday respectively.

“As a ministry, we take pride and reflect deeply on the significant and selfless role played by our freedom fighters in the sacrifices that they took in order to earn the freedom we enjoy today as a nation,” he said. 

Our freedom fighters gave us a virtuous lesson; never to lose hope no matter how tough the situation may seem. 

 As we celebrate this historic event, amid the drawbacks brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, we pray that the Almighty God continues to abundantly bless the people of Zimbabwe.

“Our defence forces, under the insightful leadership of His Excellency, the President, as head of our beloved country, continue providing us with a peaceful sovereign State, which has enabled our economy to recover rapidly and enter a new growth phase as we pursue Vision 2030. 

 As we together celebrate our heroes, and salute our esteemed Defence Forces, let us also come together to embrace and capitalise on the evident visible signs of economic recovery. Let us all imbibe the new energy, and work hard to make Zimbabwe a better place for all. This was the dream that our freedom fighters had for the nation of Zimbabwe.  Prof Ncube implored all citizens to play their part to ensure the realisation of the dream of a better place to live .President Mnangagwa is set to deliver keynote addresses on both the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day.

The Heroes Day is meant to commemorate the sacrifice made by gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe in taking up arms to fight the Ian Smith regime, while the Defence Forces Day is meant to cherish the good work by the force in defending the territorial integrity of the country.

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