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Eswatini clinics now have hot water

EZULWINI – The fight against COVID-19 has become a little easier for the people of Eswatini.

An energy group has installed solar-powered water heating stations at all state clinics in the country.

Before these units, about 82 percent of these facilities didn’t have any hot water, a sanitation and hygiene challenge exacerbated by the pandemic.

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The Eswatini government says bringing hot, clean running water at clinics was always a priority.

“One of the priorities was to build the clinics first because you can’t put the staff here without the clinics,” said Themba Masuku, Eswatini’s acting prime minister.

“As we were building the clinics, we have 92 of them now, these public health facilities, the stakeholders came in and wanted to assist. We gladly accepted that, so everything is prioritised. Health is one of our major priorities.”

eNCA’s Monique Mortlock reports.

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