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M&S Egg-Plant vegan egg, £5.50

Can’t say I’ve ever had an aubergine Easter egg before so this gets points for the fun, quirky shape. And then it goes a bit downhill. The texture is a little grainy and a lot sweeter than I would want for a dark chocolate egg. 2/5

Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co Dark Chocolate Shimmer egg, £8.50

Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co Dark Chocolate Shimmer egg
Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co Dark Chocolate Shimmer egg Photograph: Sainsbury’s

Beautiful to look at. Love the texture and gold shimmer on the shell. It’s got a great snap and is lovely and thick. This is an egg I could steadily work my way through in an afternoon. Some dark chocolate eggs can be too intense and bitter but this has just the right amount of sweetness with fruity undertones. 4/5

Baileys Strawberries and Cream, £9

Baileys Strawberries and Cream egg
Baileys Strawberries and Cream egg Photograph: Ocado

I’m a fan of white chocolate and this really hit the spot. It’s super creamy and not sickly sweet, which a lot of white chocolate can be. And the freeze dried strawberries bring a nice bit of sharpness to balance it all out. 4/5

Divine Luxury Dark egg, £10

Divine Luxury Dark egg
Divine Luxury Dark egg. Photograph: Divine

This is the perfect egg for the hardcore dark chocolate lover. It’s beautifully rich and smooth with a good snap. Not something you can eat in one sitting but that’s not a bad thing. It comes with solid dark chocolate mini eggs but I would’ve loved these to have something else going on to mix it up a bit, like a truffle or a bit of sea salt. 4/5

M&S Gin & Ton-egg, £5

M&S Gin & Ton-egg.
M&S Gin & Ton-egg. Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian

Pretty impressed with the thickness of this egg. I’m not crazy about gin in my chocolate and this got a little sickly after a couple of bites. The little buttons inside were cute and the gin flavour came through well but it’s just not my cup of tea. 2/5

The Chocolate Society Blonde Tea & Biscuit egg, £29.95

The Chocolate Society Blonde Tea & Biscuit egg
The Chocolate Society Blonde Tea & Biscuit egg. Photograph: The Chocolate Society

Pretty special! Absolutely stunning to look at with an incredible shine and the most complex tasting of all the eggs. It’s got the perfect level of sweetness with rich, malty undertones and then in comes some citrussy floral notes from the bergamot. The little crunchy balls embedded in the shell were a wonderful surprise and brought some great texture. I would love this as a chocolate bar so I could have it all year round. 5/5

Love Cocoa Prosecco egg, £35

Love Cocoa Prosecco egg.
Love Cocoa Prosecco egg. Photograph: Love Cocoa

This egg is huge! It would make an impressive gift. The milk chocolate is nice and creamy and the prosecco isn’t too overpowering. There’s popping candy in the shell which took me by surprise as it’s not mentioned anywhere. It was fun for the first few bites but quickly gets a little irritating. 3/5

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