Downtown Victoria hotels fully booked, tourist attractions swamped over long weekend

Vancouver Island hotels, businesses and ferries may be getting more than they bargained for over B.C. Day long weekend.

Long lines of cars at ferry terminals on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland can be seen and some sailings are selling out completely. Passengers without reservations are stuck waiting for hours hoping they’ll make it on a boat by the end of the day.

With more and more tourists making their way to the island, the pressure is landing on hotels leaving many fully booked.

“We saw bookings come in maybe about a month ago but we were still sitting half-full and last week especially, tons of last minute bookings,” said Sarah Webb, general manager of Oswego Hotel. “We’re at the point now we’re fully sold out and we’re still getting calls every hour and unfortunately there’s just no more space.”

It’s been so busy Oswego Hotel is getting calls from other hotels asking if they have any room due to overbooking guests.

“We were able to accommodate for one property but at this point, there’s just not much that can be done,” said Webb.

It seems the city is thriving, as downtown streets are packed with tourists from all over.

Sightseeing Victoria has been one tourist attraction that’s seen an uptick in business, forcing them to add another tour bus every hour just to meet the demand.

“It keeps us busy here, me and my coworker, it’s good for business,” says Nezar Elhada, a sales agent with Sightseeing Victoria.

It’s safe to say the Island is open for business this long weekend. Companies are hoping this is how it stays for the rest of the summer.

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