Doctor Shares The Biggest Lie About COVID-19 | UK Data

Doctor Shares The Biggest Lie About COVID-19 | UK Data

There has been a particularly harmful misconception which has led many to believe coronavirus is a trivial problem that won’t affect them.

These are results from the first 775 patients admitted to intensive care in the UK, with COVID-19.

Time to put the misconception that this disease only preys on the elderly and those with significant medical conditions, to rest.

Erratum: Thanks to a couple of friends who pointed out that I should’ve been clearer with the deaths statistic – when saying around half have died, that refers to those with outcomes recorded, ie patients who have either left ICU alive or dead. Many of these patients are still in ICU right now, so the rate may change *however* if you click the link below you can see a steady state emerging between discharge alive and dead, suggesting the 52:48 ratio is probably about right.

Link to ICNARC report:

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  1. All I know is this … I’m a health worker and they call this a pandemic … why don’t I know anyone or don’t I know anyone who knows someone with covid-19?

    I mean … it’s a pandemic … where are the body bags? Where are the dead people??

  2. Lockdown for life is the only way it seems we can live now, or maybe we could use hazmat suits 🧐 my family in Sweden are living life as normal how is this possible with this deadly virus. So we need to stay in lockdown for the rest of are days even after we get vaccines so there is no more life to live covid has ended life for us all. I’m lucky Iv’e lived into my 80s but I feel bad for my grandchildren that won’t ever live life the way we did. Suppose it’s for the best we lived a dirty way eating out in restaurants drinking out of other peoples coffee mugs and pint glasses etc…its a lonely world people so be paired to see these young kids not being able to cope we need to keep them safe from their selfs. As long as we never go back to eating out, speaking to people and stay indoors we may live to see another summer through our windows nice and safe. It’s just not worth going out side with this virus going around selectively attacking our fellow citizens. If absolutely necessary wear 3 masks because if two is safer than 1 then surely 3 must be safer again or even 4 just to be extra safe. The end of civilisation! humans are the virus #BigLockDown

  3. Play with the stats and word it however you want, this is an old peoples disease. Also no one ever said ‘it ONLY effects the very old or inform’ so try not to strawman.
    People over 70 have a 2.8% chance of dying if they are infected based on current data. People aged 50-69 have a 0.25% chance of death. People aged 20-49 have a 0.007% chance of death. People aged 0-19 have a 0.002% chance of death. Seasonal flu has a 0.1% chance of death with no age breakdown. H1N1 death rate was about 0.5%.

    30% of Covid deaths had no other underlying conditions.

  4. Well if they says covid is fake let them experience covid themselves. No one would care if they will die anyway. And amount of idiots will become less.

  5. The amount of misleading information from professional bodies is staggering…in the years to come this will be seen as one of the biggest scandals on Earth.

    The NHS held up as some perfect saviour that the nation must protect at all costs. And that everyone loves the NHS.

    Let’s be realistic..the NHS is a failure. Long before covid. Underfunded and over worked staff…

    If you had a choice you would take private health care over the NHS 100% of the time.

  6. Doctors I think who died was stressed lack of sleep and already aged. Hope they can refuse their job but I guess they valued the life of others more than theirs

  7. Why don’t more doctors come out and tell the truth? What are they scared off?There are millions of doctors.I am so disappointed in doctors right now.Even scientists and nurses.

  8. I’m tired to hear any news regarded about COVID 19! It sucks, majority of people who alledgely died from covid-19 have co-morbidities! Anyway, those people are expected to died even without the virus.

  9. A hero is someone who is not compensated for their act of heroism. These people get paid and paid well for what they do, It is also the career choice they made.

  10. Two doctors in the USA told me they dont even test for normal flu because it shows positive for covid…they just use it for numbers! Control money power is what its about!

  11. I think this covid is just a gene experiment, catalysed by 5G, which the Russians, Chinese, USA, UK, European, Turkish, Syrian, Israeli etc governments have invented. I also believe that man hasn’t set foot on the Moon, that Bill Gates is another Hitler/Stalin; that JFK and John Lennon shot each other and that pigs fly.

  12. Whats funny is you DOGtors literally make peoples reasonable concerns and claims insignificant by saying they are "conspiracy theories". Why dont you ADDRESS OUR CONCERNS AND QUESTIONS AND STOP TREATING US LIKE BABIES EH?

  13. this covid scam is exactly like the WMD/war scam. Both try to use fear to drive you, One hides behind the medical profession the other behind the flag, both use emotions or guilt to put pressure on you, both employ an army of social media writers / news agencies to push their agenda and ridicule anyone who dares to have a different opinion. How some people fall for this over and over is beyond me.

  14. Total deaths uk 2019 530 000. 2020 total deaths 511 000 year of plandemic 19000 less . Something strange is going on

  15. Mankind has gone to the bottom and dug deep into it for thousands of years; seen millions of dictatorships that came bringing the best for "human salvation" – from religious to political sick minds of all kind – this is nothing to suprprise anyone.
    What we experience now is a new level of the deep bottom digging – medical doctors, from around the globe, united and organized in establishing a massive, global, dictatorship of a novel, sanitaric type. Sowing fear and panic, turning every tiny detail of their routine praxis into heroism, battle, and cheep media reality, just to imprregnate panic deeper and deeper.

    Religion and religion workers have discredited themselves in terms of power abuse and tremendous abuse of trust that has followed through inquisition, witch-hunt, institutionalized ignorence, terrorism, mass murders, religious wars – for ages and up until now.

    Scientists, on the other hand, and medical doctors have so far always been "the good guys"- the bringers of light, humanism, and the firm ground of scientific facts…
    Until the year 2020 – when they chose not to be any longer. And turn themselves – their job, their responsibilities towars society, and science itself, into a caricature.

    The harms of the misinformation and tendentious disruption of facts, and their consequences, will bring a strike that’ll be much harder than any Covid. Harder even than the direct effect of their lies – the unprecedented, mass deprival of human rights and freedoms, the uncountable billions of thrillions of losses, the countless many jobs lost, the countless many lives and mental health lost.

    Because medical doctors decided today is the day they’ll finally play "The Boss". And lure others into taking them as heroes.
    When medical doctors decided to be the new phanatic religious brain-washers of a war whose price someone else is going to pay.

    What they don’t get, apparently, is that this war is coming also for them. And that there will be no winners after it ends.

  16. Nah man, it’s not that we are saying only old and young die it’s just that the ones in between were ill anyway . It’s flu always was, we get it every year, and it kills the same numbers ! The sheep have flocked and the Shepard is preparing to kill your freedom for good. Wake up now and leave the pen.

  17. I’m so irritated with a friend of mine. Here I have lung disease. Waiting on a vaccine. I think I could’ve beat this covid19 but problem is I’ve had a lung infection for several months now my old landlord wouldn’t remediate the mold out of their property. I got very sick from that, so I’m not confident about beating covid now. Im on a nebulizer now 4 x a day as directed and meds too. Anyway, this so called friend keeps making his pitiful comments about covid being fake. Look here, If I take a chance my kids will end up motherless so being risky isn’t my cup of tea. I told that jackass, if you’re so sure it’s fake, then Fkn prove it. Go hangout with covid positive ppl, record it all genius. Make a name for yourself. But if you’re not going to prove it then shut up abt it.
    Sorry. Thanks though. Sure needed to vent this. Been inside almost a year now. Alone. Isolated. In 11 months, I’ve been to dr appts and funerals. That’s all. This is getting to me.

  18. In the forex markets you will see really how rigged this system is they had to shake up economy just to manipulate financial markets to reach profit targets thats were covid came in. That how bill gates knew a virus would come.

  19. Were they really fit before Covid since USA Doctors culturally don’t treat institutional childhood students traumas which hosts a lifetime of adverse lifetime health outcomes including premature death risk factors & how does that butterfly effect & interfere into adaptive healthcare practices? For example How many times does diabetes go undiagnosed even when individuals have it? How likely is the underaddressed & Doctors culturally untreated (medical disparities)core traumas conditions systematic&widespread spiral out to other health risk factors underlying & unknown, leaving the sense that otherwise “healthy individuals” are dying from Covid? Could it be the mutated genes would be more identifying in whether the individuals who are dying from Covid are otherwise healthy than the presence of the disease itself? What’s the prevalence of preventing diseases via the tata box, before & during Covid?

  20. I mentioned the doctors from the UK, US and Italy that have died as I’d just been reading about them but also wish to pay tribute to all healthcare professionals that have lost their lives across the world, in China, Iran and beyond. I have tried to be positive on this channel and avoid panicbait, so if you’re already doing all you can to fight this, thank you and please skip this video. But if you know someone still not getting it, send the video their way.

  21. Knew a guy in his 50s he was pretty fucked with cancer and was terminal and died a few months ago then they but his death down to COVID .

  22. Dr & nurses where soo busy!! How dare anyone question them! When all they do is work long shifts making tick-toc crap videos

  23. Misleading BS on the wake at the start of the pandemic.
    The most misleading thing about this, is the comparison with flu baseline, since that flu baseline is WAY BIGGER than the COVID-19 numbers at this point in time, which means, there is not enough statistical stability to claim that the percentages are going to continue the same pattern in the future, and that the current percentages are not just because of lack of samples, and the fact that at the start of a pandemic, specially out of season as this one started, people who will need hospitalization are usually the most vulnerable, and that’s why there is always a peak at the start of the pandemic of a new virus.
    And it was BS, because there have been other studies, with way more people, now a year latter, and the discharge alive vs dead ratio is actually 71:29, which is a little bit higher than the flu baseline, but actually pretty similar ( )
    This is why you don’t want your cardiologist to talk about statistical analysis. And it is ironic that this guy supposedly is an "anti garbage science" channel, while peddling his own garbage.

  24. a woman told me it was going to complicate my condition, or kill me for and go around saying the Chinese are giving tequila to the c19 sufferers. los chinos segun parese le estan dando tequila a los enfermos

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