Do vaccinations against Covid-19 affect the menstrual cycle? This says science


Many women have highlighted that their cycle has changed after receiving their biological but that is the truth of things

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Menstruation unaffected and no vaccine against Covid-19 Image: the Internet

Studies about Serum against him COVID-19 Continue to disclose information about Side effects That they caused it to those who actually received it, and therefore, to those who would receive it.

However, in the case of women, there were those who asserted that menstruation I was touched after that fortified, so the question arises whether or not this biologist is responsible for this fact.

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the European Medicines Agency (EMA, for its English acronym), stated that it carried out the task of investigating the reported cases where they were presented menstrual disorders, in which it has spread so that there is no reason between vaccines and this disease.

For this reason it has been highlighted that the possible causes of these disorders are due to StressAnd exhaustion or some medical conditions such as fibrosis NS Endometrial, But Not related to the vaccine directly.

Although there are women who have confirmed that there has been stronger cramping, heavy menstrual flow or even changes after receiving the vaccine, these are not related to antibiotics. SARS-CoV-2.

With information from: EMA, Milenio

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