Discover LESOTHO: A Country Inside a Country

Discover LESOTHO: A Country Inside a Country

Lesotho, is a country within a country, surrounded on all sides by South Africa. It is the world’s 137th biggest country, smaller than Belgium and just a little bigger than Albania. OmoNaijah Website:

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  1. So you read the exact wikipedia article about Lesotho without changing a comma, put some videos of the country you found online and boom, you have a video.

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  3. Went to Lesotho for work purposes in 2016. a Clean country with friendly people, very proud people. My respect goes out to the people of Lesotho. Kea leboha, Lesotho!

  4. It’s not king mo shoe shoe. Its king Moshoweshowe (moshoeshoe) the oe sort of sound like the beginning of the word wet.

  5. It’s quite an interesting country and always carry fond memories of it’s culture and sense of belonging as one large family. Great.

  6. Wow so clean, to be honest southern African countries are well can’t compare small countries like Lesotho,Swaziland , Malawi with serra leone, Liberia Togo..

  7. My name means Prosperity which is actually apart f the flag lol . If I went to Lesotho I’d say “ hi my name is prosperity “😂😂😂 in Lesotho Language:) lol my mom loved this country inside a country

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