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Church choir sues Young T over copyright


The Eben-Ezer Choir is suing Tulina Ndafyaalako, known as Young T, in the High Court, claiming he copied their song ‘Ndapandula’.

The choir is now demanding N$80 000 from Young T to compensate them for the loss of royalty payments on the song.

In a case filed at the Windhoek High Court in April, the choir is accusing Young T of reproducing their entire lyrics and beats from ‘Ndapandula’, which they say was first recorded by the choir and published in Namibia in 2012, on their album ‘Eben-Ezer Volume 2’.

The choir is claiming that Young T has not only infringed their copyright but also earned royalty payments for performing and mechanical rights to the song.

The choir, which is being represented by Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners, is also asking the court to issue an order prohibiting Young T from using their song.

They are further demanding that he hands over all copies of the song in his possession to the choir.

Amoomo has confirmed that the lawsuit was instituted.

Young T recently spoke out against copyright infringements on YouTube, saying people placing Namibian music artists’ albums on their YouTube channels were killing artists financially.

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