China Is Secretly Taking Over Zambia

China Is Secretly Taking Over Zambia

The march of Chinese colonialism in Africa continues, finding yet another target: Zambia.

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  1. This is very true cos this government has shown us hell borrowing money we don’t know where the money is going…. Useless government

  2. Once China gets African countries in their grip, they will be begging for the Europeans to come back. Time for Africa to do it on their own, they say they have the land, so do something with it on your own. Land has no value, what you do with it creates the value. If you can’t do anything with your resources without borrowing money from other countries, then you really don’t have anything worth while. Same with knowledge and skill, these are the things that create value, not raw products/materials, but the ability to turn them into something useful. Something that communist countries and those that prefer mafia rule over law and order just can’t seem to grasp.

  3. Be patient, be calm, be wise, & understanding. Write us the declaration which states that you giving us full custody of Chief Sia’Basiimbi Isaac. Sate to say you & the mother need to evolve your education level & are not in a position to financially care for the child. The declaration must be notarized by the oath. Names to write are: M-Beenzu Namwiinga Koumbeleze M-Hecker & Charles Hecker of 114 Kudo Road Kabulonga East, Lusaka Zambia 10101. If you don’t know how to write the declaration, let me know we can draw one. Love you all take extra care stay safe & protected.

  4. It’s so sad. Zambian army, Zambia national service, Zambia air force, Zambia national broadcasting & cooperation, & Zesco are in the hands of China/ coronalization fever & short breath. Our leaders are ‘spectators’, Aliens r better of taking over Zambia, hahaha

  5. Bcz of Chinese people most zambian people unemployed and they have Taken Over everything from us . What we can do our leaders is busy with nshima and yo maps even our people doesn’t have graduation 😢

  6. Tell the world about how USA has taken over the world. Western countries wants to take over other countries resources like Iraq Venezuela etc. Make a report about these illegal USA actions. China is for win/win cooperation. It has built infrastructure in these countries. USA and western countries never help. Stop misleading the world

  7. Oh well who wouldn’t believe the children of the dragon. A people who cannot tell the truth ever. 5 nots. More like 5 knots in your african pecker. Good luck untieing those knots¡!

  8. Surreal seeking a real-time fulfillment of what is dubbed as Galton’s Prophecy – Named after Sir Francis Galton who in 1873 foresaw the potential Chinese future of much of Africa in a letter to the Editor of The Times under the title “Africa for the Chinese”. If Africans do not act soon in their own sovereign interests and maintain their hard won independence, by the time China is done the continent the remaining Tibetan-ized/Uighur-ized peoples will when it comes to reminiscing and wishing for the return of the Europeans (in a similar manner to the Monty Python – What have the Romans ever done for us skit) make Uncle Ruckus (with a bit of Dave the Crackhead in Don’t Be A Menace thrown in for good measure) look like Malcolm X or Robert Mugabe.

  9. The British European Rulers and British European Billionaires obtained  their Properties and Wealth through Deception and Theft…..;British European Rulers and British European Billionaires should be informed directly to Declare their Wealth publicly to the Citizen of Earth in that way Justice For All and If they refuse to comply with the World Justice Court……; They should be removed completely from any International Public Offices to a further notice.

  10. The zambian population is slowly but surely waking up. How can the chinese open chinese only businesses in zambia where zambians aren’t allowed. This is comical.

  11. China is for win/win cooperation. CCP China is sweet better than democratic evil USA. Indeed USA has taken over the world

  12. China is simply doing what no other country has done in Africa , investing … , Africa is developing at the hands of China , Fair and square!

  13. Not so secret, the Chinese government knows that Africa is unable to pay the loans… Stop loaning from China and the rest of the world needs to stop buying from China…

  14. Should be illegal for one country to become so powerful. Whether it’s the US, China or Russia. No country should have this much leverage over another country. This is why African needs a union similar to the European Union. So you can protect yourselves from China. The Chinese are very racist. Be careful


    For the record, I am The Real King Charles and the truth is all I know. People must protect themselves by any appropriate means possible. I have the greatest Manual ever written, for "We The People".

    I also believe that the 55 sovereign Africans Countries should use the power that was unknowingly gifted to them by the former Colonial Country, which were used to divide and conquer African. The 55 African Countries can now file a Class Action Claim against China in the Sum of Ten Trillion Dollars ($10,000,000,000,000) because of the Corona Virus. Don’t forget to order – the most powerful Manual on the Planet.


  16. More like the five 5 inescapable KNOTS of Chinese Colonialism. The Government is tied in a knot, the Infrastructure is knotted up, the Banks are hog tied in Chinese knots, The Economy is bound up in Knots, The People are enslaved to Chinese knot makers. 5 nots my ass.

  17. China is great. I love china. Rise of China is a pride, it is conquering the world in most peaceful way. Far better than European conquest.

  18. Poor Zambia. So zambians are scared of their president no protests everyone is quiet. I hate Lungu

  19. Not anymore Chinese. Because now we have Lily Mutamz Viva Lily Viva ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Zambia is for the Zambians full stop.

  20. I’m from China and I honestly hate watching this type of news about how the government does this to people. The poor citizens of these countries and China itself have no word in anything. It’s honestly terrible but I always click anyways :/ I support anyone that speaks up against the government and country, and what “relationships” they want with others! ✊

  21. Dear African Brothers please explain to me why we always let foreigners dominate us? Please tell me why!!! I swear I don’t get it. How don’t we see this coming?

  22. African leaders stop borrowing money …..u steal our money n make investments abroad for ur children

  23. I like to think about it from both sides, idk if you people just feel sorry for Africans such that you think their leaders aren’t complicit in this and many other problems, China didn’t force us to contract the debt, the leaders knew what they were getting into and you should know that the govt of the Republic of Zambia does not have a good track record in terms of scandals and corruption in ministries like health, finance even the president was involved in a scandal involving the illegal farming of a valuable tree called mukula, the govt also doesn’t budget properly each year and spends money excessively on unnecessary things, yes the ccp may be suspicious and all and they may have a secret agenda for the world but you have to look at the people who also asked for the money, signed the paper and decided what to do with the money

  24. You simply nothing but a cartoonist filled with white supremist attitude in your heart. You cannot apprrtiate a asian power growing by it’s hard work. China is managing growth , internal peace, and it’s external relations wondrfully. From India with love.🇮🇳

  25. Don’t touch the amounted one God see everything you do. You will go nowhere but crush your self

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