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Cellulant Announces Tingg, Zambia’s Digital Payment Platform for Retail Sector

Over the years, payment technology has completely transformed the way retailers operate. Thirty years ago, most retailers across Africa didn’t accept credit cards, and mobile money was still an idea. Over the last decade and a half, mobile money has transformed the way African consumers access and use money to pay for goods and services. But the most important change in the use of digital payments happened last year. There, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digitization of the retail sector.

Unfortunately, major urban retailers that are not equipped to handle card and mobile payments have found it difficult to survive. COVID-19 Pandemic. In Zambia, where multiple mobile money players are competing for market share, merchants and retailers have set up fragmented payment processes, contracts, and accounts to accept all forms of payment. This means that retailers manage different user payment experiences, collect them from multiple mobile money networks, and go through a daily payment and cancellation process.

Cellulant, a pan-African payments company, is transforming this fragmentation in retailer payments by deploying Tingg, a digital payments platform that allows companies across Zambia to seamlessly accept payments from customers. I am dealing with it.

“Today, about 50% of retail customers demand payments for their purchases using digital payment options. Therefore, for all businesses (small businesses, large businesses), digital payments have become a new standard. We’ve moved from good to game changers, but this demand presents some challenges for most merchants who don’t always support the payment methods customers want. Merchants need to enable multiple solutions to support multiple wallets. We partner with these companies to make it easier to accept payments with fewer hoops and at a convenient and affordable price. “We want to do that,” said Gilbert Lungu, Country Manager at Cellulant Zambia.

A single, integrated solution, Tingg provides simplified payment tools and processes for merchants to manage their payments. As a result, businesses can enable customers to pay for goods and services using region-related payment options.

“In deploying this digital payment platform, we gradually removed our dependence on cash and POS Terminal. Retailers can accept as many payment methods as possible while simplifying the collection and payment process. For retail customers, this solution provides a standard and unified payment experience regardless of payment method. “Lungu adds.

Over 70% of African businesses are SMEs and continue to be the backbone of economic growth in many other African countries. However, 90% of these companies collect payments in cash and do not have a digital payment option for their customers. Cellulant aims to drive the growth of the retail sector by leveraging a digital payments platform to enable businesses to accept payments conveniently and affordably to meet the complex needs of payment management. ..

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For more information, please contact:
Andrew Lara
W: www.Tingg.Africa

About Cellulant & Tingg:
Cellulant is Pan African’s leading financial technology company that provides a one-stop digital payment platform. Cellulant uses technology to connect people and their resources, making it easier to do business across Africa.

Cellulant provides a single digital payment platform named Tingg to meet the complex payment needs of enterprises. With Tingg, you can easily collect and make payments across multiple payment methods in different currencies, providing the best customer experience for any business looking to digitize their payments.

Today, Cellulant has offices in 18 African countries and a payment platform that connects thousands of companies with 154 payment options in 35 countries. The platform will enhance payments for 220 million consumers on a single, comprehensive network that enables interoperability across Africa.

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Gilbert Lung, Country Manager, Cerland Zambia, Lusaka, 2020

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