Car theft warning: AA warns electric car charging stations could be target for thieves

Speaking to, he said: “The one we’re worried about at the moment, the new one, is people looking to target cables from electric vehicles.

“There are various metals in that wiring.”

As more drivers adopt electric cars, charging stations are starting to be installed on driveways and in many owners garages.

It is expected demand for charging stations and technology surrounding them could rise as motorists purchase new models in the run-up to the 2030 petrol and diesel car ban.

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He said thefts would likely be based around “global commodity prices” where criminals could “make a quick buck”.

He said: “There’s a real precedent for this. It was probably about 10 years ago all the criminals were stealing lead from church roofs.

“The price of lead was really high.

“It was awful because most churches didn’t have security systems, there was no one there at night and it was quite easy for the criminals.

Many electric vehicles lock the charger in place to keep them secure but in some cases, this has not happened in periods of freezing weather.

Divert spokesman Mark Hall said part of the increase in theft is down to more cables becoming available.

He said: “With more people going green and choosing electric cars over petrol and diesel, there are more charging cables available for thieves to target.”

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