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Simon explained: “Don’t leave home without a full size or space saver tyre and make room for a few essentials (like headlight bulbs and fuses) so you can make a quick and easy fix if it’s needed.”

According to the caravan expert, another essential is carrying the right “documentation”.

“Make sure you have adequate breakdown cover and know the provider and their number. Keep a copy of your insurance certificate handy as well.”

Simon urged drivers to “take some time to prepare before they hit the open road.

“Time’s always short when you’re preparing to go away but a bit of forethought can make or break a holiday.”

However, road trips are meant to be fun, and some in-car entertainment can make the ride more enjoyable, especially when travelling with the whole family.

Packing some snacks as well as books and magazines, or even car games is essential for a successful road trip.

The caravan expert shared his personal recommendation.

“Take plenty of water for the journey and on any day trips you do while you’re there.

“The music is key! No road trip is complete without a summer anthem or two. And if you have kids on board, those tunes will be etched in their memories for ever – a great memory of a family holiday.”

After packing all these, drivers might be ready to finally hit the road and kick start a memorable camping trip.

“When all that’s done, though, our message is turn up the music, make the most of the freedom and enjoy the journey!”

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