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Botswana government probes 'mysterious deaths' of elephants

Botswana government probes 'mysterious deaths' of elephants

Botswana’s top wildlife vet on Friday dismissed accusations from some conservationists that the government had not moved quickly enough to investigate the unexplained deaths of least 275 elephants.

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  1. Bring some elephants to asia for the protection of remaining
    Take back when problem solved

  2. Water supply intoxicated, carcass will be taken and tusks cut off and eventually new way to smuggle tusks seems working. 🤔
    Just a theory!

  3. 2020:The end of real Calender.
    Marks the beginning of new era questioning everything we know as SCIENCE and DEVELOPMENT.

  4. Elephant is a symbol of god. If they are dying means, it indicates big thing going to happen.!!!

  5. the elephants are dead and the ivory is in CHINESE hands this is happening with all kinds of animals just because China doesn’t care about nothing only FOR their own sake

  6. Very sad 😔 they should investigate this matter very seriously this animal is very precious🦋💙🦋

  7. These innocent animals are dying and few idiots are making fun in the comment section!
    Is this time to make fun of wion, china, religion etc…
    Ain’t you ashamed of yourself!

  8. I hope the local authorities of Botswana will take precautionary measures to save remaining 🐘🐘🐘🐘

  9. It’s must be Chinese, before there foreign minister had said that both "china and India can be in peace and dance elephant & dragon" there are doing it I think. Playing mind games with india

  10. Dame Daphne Sheldrick did so much for African Elephants and her daughter is still carrying on the amazing work, God this really is so so sad 😞 they are incredible I hope they can be helped and soon too.. please keep us up to date on what happens with this Wion

  11. we HUMANITY are the BIGGEST threat FOR animals and natural resources including sand and water

  12. A type of encephalitis? That would explain the cognitive affect. Could they swallow a parasite in water that neurologically confuses the elephants? Dear God help us find the truth for an answer!

  13. Making news on the death of elephants.. you have nothing left to make news on …. Search for gym trainers and owners in india .. they’re committing suicide.. selling their gyms .. but government gave no help.. instead liquor shops are opened like drinking makes corona cured ..

  14. People that has the power to do something about it please do! Animals are amazing creatures, i love elephants! As well as the wild life!

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