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Botswana: Early School Closure Arrangements

Following the public announcement that schools will close with effect from Friday 16th July 2021 and reopen on 17th August 2021, the Ministry of Basic Education informs parents, teachers, pupils and all relevant stakeholders that the following arrangements will apply;

1. All schools inclusive of private schools and pre-schools in the country will be closed with effect from Friday 16th July 2021 and reopen on Tuesday 17th August 2021.

2. All learners are to return home including those in boarding schools. The Ministry expects school leadership to make arrangements for learners that remain quarantined or isolated in hostels to be taken care of until they are released. The engaged staff in public schools can take their days off at another time.

3. It is important for schools to give learners work to do during the

school closure period in order to keep them fully engaged to avoid poor academic performance. Please note that learners should not go to school during the period of school closure.

4. The Ministry has decided to grant all teachers and support staff in public schools 16 free days. Teachers and support staff should report for work on Thursday 12th August 2021 while school leadership is given 13 free days and are to report for work on Monday gth August, 2021.

5. Schools will be inspected for COVID-19 compliance from the 11th to 16th August 2021 (weekend inclusive).

6. All planned end of Term II Examinations are suspended with immediate effect and will be rescheduled in the next school Term.

Learners in Boarding Schools who need to travel home and cross zones will be facilitated by school management in the usual manner.

Staff who need to travel across zones should use the current national travel arrangements of applying for permits through the ‘Be Safe’ application. However, everyone is reminded to avoid unnecessary travel and to strictly comply with COVID-19 protocols at all times.


Oarabile Phefo

For/Permanent Secretary

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