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Basic Education briefs media on reopening of public schools

Basic Education briefs media on reopening of public schools

Opinion is divided on whether schools should reopen on the 27th of January. There are concerns about the safety of pupils as COVID-19 infections spread.


  1. Covid has complicated life.I feel for these teachers. They are now running out of ideas on how to work around this bad Covid and at the same time provide our children the education they deserve.truly sad

  2. Allow me to phrase this question, who has realized the second wave and how? Am on the dark space indeed.

  3. Virtual e-Classes/Learning "MUST BE LIVE" with time set aside during Virtual Class for Teacher-Pupil Interaction and for a LIVE Question and Answer Session which may be recorded for later access. Priority to cornerstone grades like Grade1, Grade 7 and Matric. Thank You… Nikki

  4. Plz open schools on 17 it will be better any other day besides Monday Wednesday is alright it’s a lucky day

  5. We should just start online learning, simple and easy. The only disadvantage will be with the underprivileged people… I wish we could find a solution that could accommodate everyone. This is the time were schools need to adjust their settings and improve but then again, government schools are always disadvantaged because of corruption. If I was president, I would have done way better 😂🤣

  6. To protect teachers, pupils and households, especially this varient is infecting many youth, E-Classes/Learning is the vital answer. Please note not just transferring of notes but actually teaching. One teacher can virtually teach a number of children simultaneously. Secondary to this children that cannot receive E-Classes at home can be accommodated in classes of limited numbers in respect to Covid regulations at school, community centres even libraries. In these places one could have a television with technology to carryout E-Classes or a teacher physically teaching lesson. More importantly as not to desturb the Matric of 2021,please can "MATRICS BE ON TOP OF THE LIST FOE E-CLASSES" . Thank You… Nikki

  7. Children are running aroud in malls and partying. By keeping the schools closed you are killing children!! It is saver for them to go to school!! And what about the Matrieks?? You are killing their future!!! This is very sad!!

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