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Many people went for Johnson and Johnson vaccine over others because it was initially a single jab while others such as Pfizer is a double jab. Many who hate and afraid of nidle had to opt for Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Now there is a news trending which could be a bad and disturbing news to many people who thought they arw done with Covid-19 vaccines.

There are recommendations that those whom were vaccinated by Johnson and Johnson vaccine should take another second jab after some months.

Johnson and Johnson recommends COVID booster shot to their single-dose shot. You should get your second Johnson &Johnson vaccine eight months after your first.

According to Dr. Thomas Campbell who is the Chief Clinical Research Officer at UCHealth answered questions about the new findings by saying that, “Those who were given a second dose of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine had a 900% increase in antibody levels, which could mean greater immunity against newer strands of COVID-19, like the Delta variant.”

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