Around the tracks: The most expensive motorhome you’ll ever see

Plus, one of the most fascinating videos shows how to build a mini DeLorean from used goods.


When we’re not creating it ourselves, the Drive team spends a lot of time finding and consuming motoring content from all over the world.

Here’s a handful of the photos, articles, videos or social media posts that most caught our eye last week. Some of them are brand new, others have been online for a while.

Enjoy them – just not too much, okay?

Need a new motorhome? How about one that comes with a Bugatti?


Go big or go home. That’s what company Volkner had in mind. The lavish motorhome alone will set you back around $AU3.2 million, but that’s not all you get. Pop the side door and out slides a Bugatti Chiron from the built-in storage space.

The Bugatti costs more than the motorhome, on the market for a whopping $4 million – bringing the total costs of this creation to over $7 million. Inside, the motorhome screams premium with dark hand-laid Macassar wood veneers blending nicely with cream-coloured paint and upholstery.

It also includes some similar touches in the glass doors, vessel sinks and ambient wall sconces. The floor plan includes an L-shaped kitchen, dining lounge, a full-width dry bathroom and a rear bedroom with raised island bed. Not a bad way to travel around town!

This is how you make a DeLorean from a cigarette lighter

This is one intricate creation. In this 15-minute long video, someone has come up with the idea to build a mini DeLorean out of a cigarette lighter. The creator starts by taking the lighter apart and uses tools to sand and cut the plastic.

He builds room for the tyres measuring each and every component down to the last millimetre. Cotton buds, cables and bamboo are all used to bring the car together, while even the black upper cap of the lighter is welded down into miniature seats. The end result: one of the coolest miniature cars you’ve ever seen.

The town of Zandvoort gets a Max Verstappen remodel

This weekend Formula One returns to the Netherlands after a 36-year hiatus. This is Max Verstappen’s home turf and based on this video it’s fair to say that the fans are beyond excited. So much so that they’ve changed the signs around town from 30km/h to 33, mirroring Verstappen’s race number.

Max sits three points down in the championship standings, with Lewis Hamilton his main rival for the season. If there’s one place to win a Grand Prix for Max, it’s here. The big question is, will people get speeding fines for the so-called new speed limit across the weekend? Let’s hope the local police are on board with the joke too.

This Cybertruck replica switches its exterior for wooden panels to compete in a rally


What will people think of next? Dubbed the “Plybertruck”, the wooden replica was created by CJ Cromwell with the intention to compete in the Gambler 500 rally. The rally is a navigation event where participants’ vehicles are limited in purchase cost to $500. 

The car underneath the wooden exterior is actually a first-generation, US-market Acura MDX large SUV – clearly not a real Cybertruck, or electric car for that matter. Fortunately, there’s no limit on how much money participants are allowed to put into their car. This gave the creator the opportunity to add the new body and light bar.

Following the event, the “Plybertruck” account tweeted “We had a blast volunteering for recovery during the Hooptie X races Saturday at Mormon Lake. Seven rollovers and two disabled vehicles with no injuries. The Plybertruck even took a quick spin around the track!”

Forget Uber Black – this new-look UK taxi is where it’s at


It’s a little more upmarket than the taxis you see rolling around on Australian roads. The Sutton VIP LEVC has received a full revamp and is ready for customers in the UK.

From the outside it pretty much looks like a typical London taxi, but the inside is a different story. Available with four, three, or even just two luxurious seats, the cab gets Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard, and the two-seater model comes with a fridge.

Passengers will get quite the experience, being able to enjoy the stargazing roof, an Xbox or PlayStation, plus ambient lighting. But this new-look taxi doesn’t come cheap, with a price tag of around $AU200,000.

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