Apartheid: The rise and fall of South Africa's 'apartness' laws

Apartheid: The rise and fall of South Africa's 'apartness' laws

South Africa is marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of apartheid in 2019.

Apartheid, the Afrikaans word for “apartness,” was made up of a collection of strict laws targeting visible minorities in the country and is viewed as one of the darkest periods in the nation’s history.

For nearly half a century, non-white South Africans were stripped of their freedoms and suffered under government imposed restrictions.

The face of the anti-apartheid movement became Nelson Mandela – who was jailed as a political prisoner for 27 years – whom would later become the nation’s president and an icon of freedom and justice.

So, how could institutionalized discrimination take hold in South Africa, and what steps were taken to bring an end to apartheid?

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  1. I’m shout African my grandfather was beaten up badly… he lost 1 lung but in glad that stopped

  2. This was so unfair.. I wonder what made white people to think that they were superior to black people.

  3. Ek kennis afrikaans a een dag ek besoek suid afrika ndiaqondi isixhosa ndiaqondiisizylu i know english

  4. My fear is that this system WILL COME BACK if you let it. DON’T! That’s why you have to get rid of right-wingers by any means necessary! The far-left can be guilty of identity politics too but a right-winger will kill and imprison because you’re not [that group], a leftist will just shout at you.

    Looking at you China against the Uighurs, Israel and Palestine as a whole, etc.

  5. And just like Jim Crow, it was over after all the wealth has been funneled into hands of the elitest.

  6. I have a friend that thinks black ruled the whites and o sent him this video and he still doesnt believe me. He is so stupid

  7. Every time I see that word, I get the chills, because it sounds familiar to me since I am dutch, but Ive never heard it being used… Liek a ghost word.
    I used to feel proud as a kid hearing other countries saying dutch words, but as an adult I realize theres one prominent dutch word thats internationally known; apartheid.
    And the meaning isnt something to be proud of, no, we should be collectively ashamed.

    I didnt learn much of the DUTCH colonial history (theyre good at hiding behind France and Great Britains colonialism, and how important WWII was) but now, Im doing my own research.

  8. The South Africa economy and technology miracle is gone forever since Mandela came to power. This is a human tragedy. Don’t repeat it in the US. Please

  9. people are saying ‘that pencil test is SO dumb!’ OBVIOUSLY. DID U EXPECT RACIST COLONISERS TO HAVE BRAINS???

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