After COVID vaccination, only 0.06% chance of hospitalisation: study

Over 97% of those vaccinated attain full protection from infection, suggests research conducted by Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Experts note that COVID vaccines take about two weeks to help the body develop immunity against the viral disease.

Citing a study conducted by it, the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi has said that about 97.4% of those who are vaccinated are protected from a COVID infection. The chance of hospitalisation post immunisation is just 0.06%, it said.

The study sought to evaluate the frequency of ‘breakthrough’ COVID infections — those that occur despite vaccination.  It was conducted on healthcare workers with symptomatic COVID during the first 100 days of the vaccination drive, said a report by news agency ANI. The study was done exclusively on those who took the Covishield vaccine.

Of the 3,235 healthcare workers who were covered by the study, 85 tested positive post vaccine. Of these, 65 workers, or 2.62% of the total, were fully vaccinated, while 20 (2.65%) were partially vaccinated.


Impact of age, gender

It was noted that female workers were affected to a greater extent. There was little influence of age on the incidence of infection.

The findings of the study are being are considered for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal, the report added.

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ANI quoted Group Medical Director of Apollo Hospitals Group, Anupam Sibal, as saying: “India has witnessed a huge increase in cases in the second wave of COVID amidst the vaccination drive that is in progress. There have been reports of infections after the vaccination, which are also known as ‘breakthrough infections’. These infections may occur after partial or full vaccination in some individuals.”

Per the studies, the COVID vaccine does not provide 100% immunity, Sibal noted. “Even after full immunisation, it protects (only) against serious manifestations,” he added. “Our study demonstrated that 97.38% of those vaccinated were protected from an infection and hospitalisation rate was only 0.06%. per cent. The results of the study show that breakthrough infections occur only in a small percentage and these are primarily minor infections that do not lead to severe disease. There were no ICU admissions or death. Our study makes the case for vaccination stronger.”

Experts note that COVID vaccines take time to help the body develop immunity against the viral disease. Typically, full immunity sets in two weeks after the second dose, it is estimated. Till such time, it is critical to be cautious, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and sanitising.

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