Africa's secret billionaires – #AfricaNews

Africa's secret billionaires – #AfricaNews

An African Magazine reveals the names and worth of the continent’s super rich. 55 are listed by Ventures, dozens more than identified by rival rich lists. Also three Nigerians are killed by mobs in Guinea Bissau after rumours of child abduction spread. And experts across Africa welcome news of a prototype vaccine for malaria but there are still questions about its effectiveness in young children.
10/08/2013 AFRICA NEWS

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  1. Really? You guys still believe that the Caucasians will ever give Africa a cure for malaria, while they’re busy making viruses to exterminate Africa? If you guys really believe that, then you must be more daft than expected and otherwise, wake-up!!!
    You need to talk about the positive things that Africa is doing, just as you do western countries.

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