Africanews…Something new is coming

Africanews…Something new is coming

Africanews is a new pan-Africa news broadcaster, unique in both concept and vision.

Offering pioneering, multicultural and independent news telling expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa, Africanews has engaged on the ground correspondents to report from all corners of the continent on African and global news, crucially from an African perspective.

As a ‘sister’ channel of Euronews, Aficanews adheres to the same editorial charter based on fundamental principles of freedom of expression and editorial independence limited only by respect for facts.

More information to follow in 2016.


  1. if there are from euronews, then I will not believe in anything they will say because I believe they will be part of all media agenda.

  2. Great opportunities for African Journalists to work on the African stories. Keep it up @Africanews

  3. Congratulations to the African People, They have a new voice adding the lot of African voices in the World.

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