Africanews: launch of the world's first pan-African news channel

Africanews: launch of the world's first pan-African news channel

Introducing africanews TV: a new channel covering African news, sport, business and culture

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  1. Who is running and controlling Africanews? Africans? What makes it African? With a french man out there setting up another propaganda machine in black faces! GTFOH!

  2. Congratulations ! better late than never. We hope to hear news and more informations in different languages to make thinks better for your people throughout the world. Wish you Long life.

  3. Mangroo prshad official channel se जुड़ने के लिए लाइक करें सब्सक्राइब करें बैल आइकन घंटी दवाएं love you Bhai log

  4. This is run by whites. This is not African channel. This is European supremacy channel. They gonna push homosexual agenda, will use it as a tool for western propaganda.

  5. BIG PROBLEM, that white FRENCH GUY should not be anywhere close to that channel to make it authentically AFRICAN NEWS , french and its citizen need to be booted out of AFRICAN PRONTO, none is worst than FRANCE and ITS CITIZENS and A SORE TO AFRICAN AND ITS PEOPLE

  6. Hello! I may have been born in America but my heart is truly in Africa and I am thrilled about this new channel. The truth should be told from the people and not from news sourced filled with propaganda. I look forward to seeing your broadcast and may have some suggestions on topics that would be beneficial to us here in America. To a Long journey!

  7. Africa news must be told by Africans, edited, produced, directed& owned by Africans. We are tired of white people stealing from us. Without Africa the rest of the world will not exist. If Africa do business with only Africans in one year EU & North America will be dead.

  8. Any enterprise that is not owned by black people cannot truly advance the interests of Afrikan people. We now know these things. Wake up Afrika.

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