10 Best places to Visit in Zambia

10 Best places to Visit in Zambia

10 Best Places to Visit in Zambia
Hello Displorers, welcome to another exciting video presented to you by Displore and thanks for watching. In this video we shall be taking you to West Africa to show you the 10 best places to visit in Zambia. Zambia, in southern Africa, is a landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas. Zambia is a beautiful country sitting right in the heart of the African continent. It’s a premier travel destination filled with stunning wildlife, vast unspoiled landscapes, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Zambia has some of Africa’s best national parks, markets, landmarks, and exciting wildlife you will ever experience in Africa.
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For such a small landlocked country, Zambia is packed with an array of stunning destinations, unspoiled landscapes that leaves anyone who grasps a glimpse of it in awe. Picking one over the other is so hard which is why we bring you the 10 best places to visit in Zambia.

1. Lusaka
No other place in Zambia will befit the best place to kickstart your Zambian adventure. Located in the south of the country, Lusaka is the capital city, economic hub, and is a great place to orient yourself to southern Africa and relax. The over 2million populated city of Lusaka is filled with many great eateries, restaurants/bars and the nightlife here is just to die for. The lovers of the wild are not left out here, just head to the outskirts of the city and visit the Lilayi Elephant Nursery and be marvelled at the heroes rescuing and rehabilitatingorphaned elephants from Kafue National Park. Before leaving the city, visit the Sunday crafts market and explore the assortment of hand-made souvenirs like jewellery, artwork, and crafts to remind you of your Zambian trips decades later while you reminisce with the grandkids.

2. Victoria Falls
While a trip to Lusaka centralizes your Zambian safari, don’t check that box of adventurous wonders until you have visited the gorgeous Victoria falls in all its prominence and glories. Soaring over a height of 355feet, this awe-inspiring waterfall is on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe, recorded as one of the largest and wildest falling water bodies on planet earth.Adrenaline junkies can go white-water rafting, swimming, bungee jumping, or take in views of the falls’ rainbow from a helicopter or micro flight. But if you just want to enjoy a quiet time while watching the jaw-dropping beauty also called “Smoke that thunders”, then take a room in one of the luxury resorts near by and watch the transitions of daylight views to sunset changes while you enjoy some of the best cuisine Zambia has to offer.

3. South Luangwa National Park
If you are one of those who prefer to cut to the chase and just go where the action is really dramatic, then head straight to South Luangwa National Park. South Luangwa National Park is the most famous safari destination and one of the best places to visit in Zambia, as it boasts among the highest concentrations of wildlife in all of Africa including elephant, giraffe, and Cape Buffalo. South Luangwa National Park slopes down from the mountain peaks and into the valley of the Luangwa Riverhome to vast populations of crocodiles and hippos. But mind you, you might also run into a few lions and leopards hunting for a meal. Check into the Croc Valley Camp for one of their celebrated walking safaris where you can immerse yourself totally into this pristine wilderness. The ideal time to visit South Luangwa National Park is during the dry season when the area’s wildlife congregatesat the banks of the river.

4. Kafue National Park
Founded in 1924, Kafue National Park is the crowned jewel of Zambia’s national parks. It is the oldest and largest protected game area in the country and the second-largest in Africaspanning over 22,400km2 in central Zambia. In the far north of Kafue sits the Busanga Plains and wetlands, home to vast herds of antelopes, wildebeests, zebras, and the elusive cheetah. The Kafue River hosts hippos and some of the largest crocodiles in southern Africa and you can also spot wild African dogs in the high grass as you watch the large elephant population roam the savannah. The Kafue experience is the full African safari experience in one spot

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  1. The whole Zambia is worth to visit , a Nation where we can see smiling & friendly faces even if their stomach is empty ! I enjoyed my productive part of life, 45years, in Zambia ! I love the People of Zambia & Zambia. I miss Zambia !

  2. Zambia is not a small country it has the second largest national park in the world and the biggest national in Africa

  3. The rich stay rich by spending like the rich and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich and yet not investing like the rich

  4. God bless this great nation,give them a deserving leader who will develop it to be more great 🇿🇲🇿🇲

  5. BS at 5:37. Thats North American Bison not an African Buffalo. Can’t trust this guy’s videos 😂😂😂😂

  6. Great video. Just want to point out a lot of the data about depth and size you mentioned on Lake Kariba @6:18 is about is Lake Kashiba.

  7. So beautiful… I’ve always thought the southern part of Africa was the most beautiful part of Africa ! Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  8. Wow thanks you so much for making a video about Zambia☺️❤️
    Although I think there still more to Zambia then just wildlife😂

  9. Fellow Africans let’s gather here…..👍
    I’m a Zambian, I like Zambia and I love Africa.
    Africa is the most beautiful place in the world.

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